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Hello Friends,

Well, this last retreat has gone on for a year now, and still we remain wary of a world-wide pandemic's effects upon the way we were moving about, living life, and seeking renewal. I laugh now thinking perhaps our little four day Enlightenment Retreats weren't long enough, so we were given a chance to go back to our caves. During this time much shadow material has surfaced for individuals as well as the collective consciousness. We continue to surf the waves of this new era, sometimes cautiously navigating the waters, and finding new ways to patiently await that perfect wave. Having entered the Age of Aquarius in 2021, we begin to think of new optimistic ways of connecting, even while missing terribly all the hugs, all the travel, all the privileges we once had and still long for. Hopefully we've used this retreat time to continue our contempation, to learn some new skills like how to use Zoom, and to envision new horizons for this world we so love. I can't help but remember the last EI I gave November of 2019 in central Florida, where a sense of sadness came over me, intuiting that it might be our last EI Retreat We did manage to slip in a cooperative retreat in Costa Rica in February 2020 before everything shut down later that March. I've spent this time learning some new things, and practicing integration of the amazing direct experiences I have been gifted by the Divine on previous retreats, deepening the groove of remembrance of Truth so as to be able to connect at will in daily life. For it all, I am grateful. In it all, I find Grace.

Hope this finds you well. I will soon send a newsletter out to share with you some ways we might connect and continue to serve as the love and light we are in this world. You will have the opportunity to subscribe if you'd like to play and be supported during the upcoming months. With so much love, Durga

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