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Individual Clearing Sessions

Clearing is be done in a one-on-one setting to relieve the mind of unexpressed communications which cause mental, emotional, spiritual, and relationship distress.  Most conflicts and states of unhappiness come about as a result of either not knowing or not expressing oneself. The Clearer works in an area of interest to the client using processes to clear current problems, develop communication ability, release effects of traumas, free inner tensions, move out of fixed states more easily, receive insights, and come to deeper loving care of the self. Clearing clients often report great relief, a sense of release, and a kind of coming home to who they really are. Relationships tend to improve and people are more able to get on with various life projects. Conditioned patterns tend to break down with the light of conscious awareness. Then changes can be made- so we can be at choice. We can find freedom to live with congruency and alignment with higher truth.

Contact Patricia to schedule an appointment. A one hour session is $100. Once the first initial interview session has been held at no cost to you, we will agree to work together for a minimum of six sessions and continue as long as benefits are occuring.  Clearing can be done either in person, or at a distance, with Skype or FaceTime.

Click here to request a session or for additional information.

Individual Emergence Sessions

The Journey of Emergence from ego to Essence is very beneficial for the full integration of direct experience in life.  Often when we have peak experiences, we need some tools specifically designed to develop life skills which increase our constant contact with the Divine within, to develop our trust and communication with the Divine, to deal with conditioned patterns that still arise, and to increase our ability to step aside and let Essence speak through us.

While The Journey of Emergence classes held in circle work face to face or in a teleconference format are perfect for this, occasionally individuals need to make up sessions they missed or want help on certain steps.  Individual sessions during The Journey provide one on one facilitation as needed for a fee of $100 per hour.

Click here to request a session or for more information.

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