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Meet Durga

Patricia found herself in her first yoga class as a freshman at Winthrop College. Continuing to take yoga classes whenever possible and tasting New Age teachings along the way, this avid reader came across a book on Transcendental Meditation, gave herself a mantra, and began to meditate. She accidentally verified the impact of meditation on her vital signs of pulse and blood pressure. Feeling less anxious, more at peace and energized, she continued practicing various types of meditation and doing yoga through the years of raising her two children, working, teaching, living and loving. She called her teachers to her, bringing many to deepen her understanding which she shares with you.

After retiring early from her teaching career, she completed a Kripaulu Yoga teacher training with a Vedanta componant which led her to begin self-inquiry during her first Enlightenment Intensive Retreat. Thus began Sacred Space Yoga with Durga Patricia, yogini, along with her participation in self-inquiry on many more Enlightenment Intensive Retreats. The Enlightenment Technique changed her life by shedding light on her suffering. After telling all her stories, there was a break-through into direct experience of who and what she is. Soon after, she trained to be a Master of EI's and continued her training to be a clearer for two additional years of clearing communication work with Lawrence Noyes, an early student of EI and Clearing works originator, Charles Berner (Yogeshwar). Sacred Space Inquiry came into existence to provide others with the experiences that so shifted Durga's consciousness as she asked for exponential expansion of consciousness.

Durga was greatly impacted by the life and teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi. She has been on retreats studing with modern day teachers Gangaji and Adyashanti. She is an active member of Unity Church in the Gardens in Jupiter, FL and Prayer Chaplain Emeritus. AlAnon's twelve step program has also given her much support and freedom to grow. Vibrational hands-on healing work and Reiki have given her an energetic way to share with others.  

In recent years Patricia has studied with Kambiz Naficy, an international Kriya Yoga Meditation master from the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda.  Kambiz excels in offering meditation guidance, courses translating ancient scriptures like the Shiva Sutras and Bhagavad Gita, and daily life practices to bring more progress and joy in life.



Life has a way of coming full circle, as it did when Durga found Sri Amrit Desai in Salt Springs, Florida. It is here she felt a deep re-union with the lineage and teachings of Gurudev (her “Beloved Teacher” Sri Amrit Desai), Bapuji (Beloved Father Swami Kripaulu), and Dadaji (Beloved Grandfather Lord Lakulish). At Amrit Yoga Institute she began to better grasp integrative intention and meditation in motion not only on the mat with yoga and yoga nidra, but also "off the mat” in life. Both require deep surrender to prana, life energy, with consciousness and awareness. In 2014 Gurudev initiated her with Shaktipat, with mantra, and with the Sanskrit name Durga. Years ago in the 60's Yogishwar was in Lenox Mass., with Swami Kripaulu and Sri Amrit Desai giving Enlightenment Intensives to the devotees there several times a year. Once again, self-inquiry work has come back home to its lineage with the invitation by Gurudev and Durga for you to join like-minded others in self-discovery through the Enlightenment Intensive Retreats held at Amrit Yoga Institute in Salt Springs, Florida.

The Emergence Process work of Barbara Marx Hubbard and her sister Patricia Ellsberg has recently been valuable  for integration, maturation and embodiment of direct experiences. Durga now facilitates "A Journey of Emergence" courses and circles to deepen individual wholeness, move from ego to essence, and  co-create with others in the resonant field through daily practice, steps and tools for conscious evolution. These work beautifully whether virtual teleconference courses and circles or those shared in person.

With heightened awareness of the body/mind/spirit connection and empathic sensitivities, it is no surprise that Durga's astrological solar return readings began to suggest her giving deeksha. In 2006 she began receiving the Oneness Blessings and became initiated as a Deeksha giver in 2010. In 2012, she went to Oneness University in India to become a trainer and for a Deepening Process. Returning in 2013 for a 28 day process, she came home after being announced "Awakened." While no longer training others to give deeksha, Durga loves giving and receiving a hands on "blessing." Deeksha is a benediction of Grace or a blessing that calms the mind and awakens the heart. It is a gift and honor to share deeksha with others, to experience Oneness with humanity and all life. 

Regardless of how we find ourselves engaged in life, deep down we are always seeking union. We long for union with the Source from which we came.  Eventually we all will yearn to go home, begin inquiring within, and move into the Journey of Emergence from ego to Essence or True Nature. Patricia finds her calling in supporting and being in deep contact with others in this discovery process. It is an honor to watch Divinity unfolding and to experience the authentic Essential Self expressing in life! 


It can be challenging to be a modern mystic diving into the Mystery while fully engaged in life, but with support and guidance it is possible. In fact it is a blessed opportunity to have the desire, intention and time to consciously evolve through our own self-inquiry, contemplation and meditation. Together we will shed ego's habitual conditioning in order for our True Nature to come forth from this Sacred Space.  Here our full potential can flower as we will create higher forms of beauty, love, service, and harmony.


Come out into the sunlit garden and let's play together as we create an artful life, a heaven on Earth.

I hope to meet and co-create with you soon!

Durga Patricia Carroll

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