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Journey of Emergence from ego to Essence Course

Using Barbara Marx Hubbard's EMERGENCE process, we will take a three month journey together where we learn to easily enter the Resonant Field or Heart Space. We will practice ten steps which will increase our constant contact with the Inner Divine Essence, or Higher Power. Once you meet and learn to communicate first with and later as this Presence or Inner Teacher, you will begin to stabilize this contact and eventually shift your identity from ego to Essence in your daily life. The effect of this focused practice will move you into your life purpose to fulfill your greater potential.  It is nothing short of miraculous to move out of ego's habitual patterns and into Essence where you become a clear open channel for the expression of Spirit.  You become the hands and feet, the eyes and voice of the Divine.  You will move out of victim consciousness and become the victor.

These programs are currently being scheduled and held in the Jupiter, Florida area, the Lake Norman area of NC, and online as a teleconference course which accommodates people everywhere! Technology allows us to work in a large group setting where you can ask questions and also participate in break-out groups.

Once the course has been fully completed, there will be opportunities for participation in Emergence Circles with others using available technology.

Please stay tuned for more information on the next available Journey of Emergence course.

Emergence Support Circle

Once you have taken the Journey of Emergence Course, you may choose to participate in our virtual Emergence Support Circle held on the second and fourth Monday evenings of a three month period. This gives you the opportunity to tap into the Resonant Field, practice your ongoing process with a supportive group, and ask Durga any questions.

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