Join us for a four day Enlightenment Intensive,

a residential retreat in 

Live Oak, Florida.

Mastered by:


Patricia Carroll

Staffed by monitors:   Charlee Quinlan and Kamakshi Betty Eller.

Details: Drive to the center or fly into Tallahassee, Orlando, or Jacksonville, FL to arrive for registration at 4 pm Thursday, followed by dinner, and opening session at 7 pm.  You will depart after noon lunch on integration Monday about 1:00 pm.


Benefits of Self-Inquiry include:

*  Deep sense of peace & tranquility      *  Discovery of true nature

*  Causeless joy & childlike innocence   *  Deep contact with others

*  Improved listening & communication *  Powerful insights, realizations

*  Contentment with life as it is                 *  Living from your heart space


This experience has many names depending on the lineage...







$799 Tuition, Room & Board 4 days/nights

Durga will contact all new EI participants at one of your preferred times to conduct a phone interview to review your questionnaire and answer your questions. Your registration is finalized once you have made your payment via PayPal or deposited check and after acceptance into the program during your phone interview. Please contact Durga with any questions. 

Please take note of travel time when making travel arrangements.




What is the purpose of an Enlightenment Intensive Retreat?

The purpose of an EI is for your direct experience of truth, an enlightenment experience, a break-through out of separation, an experience of union.

Why should I take an EI?

This is a life-changing retreat. If you want the opportunity for expanded consciousness and direct experience rather than typical “learning” from books and teachers, this is the platform which allows that to occur. You begin to trust the Divine within you, guiding and available to you at all times. You will feel more connected, more joyous, more free.

Will I be able to contact work and family during this retreat time?

During this retreat, you are asked to wrap up all outside issues at work and from life so that you can fully focus on your journey inward; therefore you will not have use of your phone or computer while you are “unplugged.” Most people actually find this removal of distractions most beneficial and enjoyable, once they adjust to the idea!

What if I have difficulty expressing myself or being with others without judging?

The retreat is designed so that half of the time you are listening to another’s process and half of the time you are doing your own contemplation and communication. This brilliant yin/yang structure gives participants practice in both speaking your truth and listening to another without fear of taking on another’s energy. You can learn how to

“GET” another, to be present for them, and let it pass through. It is especially good for those who may be people pleasers, those who have difficulty “finding” themselves, or those who are reluctant to express what is arising for them. It also increases one’s capacity to listen to another without judging or evaluating in any way, nor “holding on” to what was presented. Paradoxically, this process allows deeper contact with yourself, life and others as you proceed. Another beautiful aspect of this program is the individual support, contact and encouragement you are given by the retreat master and well-trained staff. What if I want to but have lots of resistance, or am not sure it’s for me? First, let’s speak of resistance, a very likely reaction of your ego mind to the idea of self- inquiry work. Simply tell the mind it will be ok, and do it anyway. Ego doesn’t let go easily. It wants things to be easy, the same, but it will be so worth it! And we have an appropriateness interview call available to anyone who wants to discuss it with EI Master Durga.

What are the benefits of doing an EI?

  • Focused self-inquiry within using a technique combining contemplation & communication with deep listening and contact with another.

  • Learning in a safe supportive environment to be fully present to what is & to communicate to another from that place with an open heart.

  • Practicing alternatively doing your own inner work with being present unconditionally for another while tuning out distractions around you.

  • Watching the process clear the mind, dissolve old identities, beliefs & concepts, and bring insights and realizations.

  • Surrendering into the unknown as you directly experience who/what you/ life/another is.

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