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October 18, 2016

When taking or Mastering an Enlightenment Intensive Retreat, or going into meditation with a Master Teacher like Gurudev, I can actually feel the vibratory shifts occurring when one moves into deeper altered states and direct experience. I’ve often thought that if we were somehow monitored during the self-inquiry work, we would see the movement through different brain wave patterns on our journey of enlightenment.

One of my repeating EI participants, mentioned to me that she was fascinated by a book she was reading:New Brain, New World by Erik Hoffman, a retired professor who has been researching the brain and human consciousness for more than forty years and the founder of Mental Fitness & Research Center in Copenhagen where th...

August 31, 2016

Do you sometimes wonder… Why am I here? What am I doing? Who am I? What am I?

I had just finished my Yoga Teacher Training, later in life, after raising a family and finding myself at a crossroads of yet another relationship ending. Our Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras teacher was offering something I had never heard of before: a self-inquiry retreat where a contemplation technique would be used along with a koan, question, instruction to bring one-pointed focus. This inquiry would use whatever came up in contemplation as a starting point of discovery. It would be a quest for enlightenment, using a question or koan to deepen into a state he called direct experience. We had studied in the Yoga Sutras: “Yogas chitta vritti nirodah” translated...

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